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Exhibitions archive

Photographer on the island

28. 6 30. 8. 2024

Exhibition of the Karlovy Vary artist and photographer. 

Black cowboys

26. 4 21. 6. 2024

A German team of photographers will present the life of black cowboys in North America. 


15. 3 19. 4. 2024

Exhibition on the occasion of the jubilee.

Normalisation - November 89 - Withdrawal of troops

19. 1 8. 3. 2024

The exhibition of a well-known Czech documentary photographer and curator. 

Without illusion

3. 11 12. 1. 2024

Exhibition from the cycle Jubilants. Retrospective exhibition of documentary photography. The photographer and educator, who shoots mostly on analog, will present his best-known collections and works from his latest projects.

Light of Brittany

1. 9 20. 10. 2023

Exhibition from the cycle Foreign Photography. Group exhibition of landscape, documentary and fine art photography by professional Breton and Czech photographers.

Cheb Backyard UNDER THE ROOF

9. 6 25. 8. 2023

The 50 artists, photographers and painters whose artistic work was presented by the festival Chebské dvorky (Cheb Backyard) between 2003 and 2022 present their current work on three floors of the baroque storage room. At the exhibition, however, we also remember the work of already deceased authors. The exhibition was opened with a two-day cultural program in Gallery 4 with the participation of the authors of the exhibition.

The magic of the place

21. 4 31. 5. 2023

Exhibition from the cycle “Projects”. The exhibition project of the Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic is conceived to suppress the initial descriptiveness and highlight the atmosphere, magic, mystery, story, depth of thought and allow the viewer to read beyond the edge of visual form.  The place itself can then be understood as a space, environment, scenery, dimension, territory, sphere, nooks, etc., where almost everyone can find what they like in their preferred photographic genre from documentary to staged work. 

They fight for us too

17. 2 15. 4. 2023

Exhibition from the cycle “Aktuality”. Contemporary, Ukrainian, war photography. The exhibition was realized in cooperation with the Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic, the Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers and the Czech Photo Center.

Annual Report - 37years G4

2. 12 9. 2. 2023

Výstava z cyklu „Jubilanti”. Jedná se o odloženou výstavu ze sbírky studijního a dokumentačního materiálu galerie k 35. výročí založení Galerie 4, které oslavila v roce 2020, z důvodu pandemie se ale nemohla uskutečnit. Výstava představí výsledky workshopů, dokumentární fotografie akcí a práce dříve vystavujících autorů od nás i ze zahraničí. 

Portraits of the Underground

29. 7 23. 9. 2022

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Zdeněk Halámek

19. 11 16. 1. 2022

An exhibition of one of the most important photographers of western Bohemia.

Katarina Brunclíková

3. 9 12. 11. 2021

The exhibition of large format photographs.

Tereza z Davle

16. 7 28. 8. 2021

Black and white photographs depicting a wide variety of the female world.