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Exhibitions archive

In the footsteps of Prince Charles

6. 5 25. 6. 2016

The exhibition is organized the anniversary of 700 years since the birth of Charles IV. Results will be presented photographic workshop mapping the activity of Charles IV. in the period 1331-1333 in northern Italy. The topic of the workshop is the battle of Modena, founding the city of Monte Carlo in Lucca and build a castle in Montecarlo. Castle Monte Carlo is the longest surviving an immovable monument outside the Czech Republic.

Curator: Zbyněk Illek


6. 5 4. 6. 2016

Exhibition one of our most interesting conceptual photographers. Graduate artist has a sense of symbolic expression, dealing with emotional relations, basic human emotions and experiences, traditional family ties. As models she used themselves and their loved ones. Its main advantage is the female view and sensitivity and the ability ironic.

Curator: Radek Wohlmuth

Quarter century. Institute of Creative Photography FPF Silesian University in Opava 1990–2015

18. 3 30. 4. 2016

The Institute of Creative Photography Faculty of Philosophy and Science, Silesian University in Opava was founded in 1990 as only the second University in Czechoslovakia (after Prague’s FAMU) with separate photographic field. The exhibition presents selected works of the students in the years 2010-2015.

Exhibition: Art Centre thirty years of Gallery 4

1. 1 6. 3. 2016

Exhibition of photographs of the most important authors who in the Gallery 4 for the last thirty years were exhibited. 


4. 12 11. 3. 2016

has the pleasure to invite you to Grand Opening and Opening Exhibition on December 4, 2015 at 7 p.m.

30 years of Gallery 4

6. 11 4. 12. 2015

Exhibition from the cycle “Jubilee”.

Photographs and documents from the past 30 years. The accompanying publication to mark the anniversary.


2. 10 31. 10. 2015

Exhibition from the cycle “Painting and Photography”.

Interdisciplinary exhibition by painter whose paintings are based on photographic principle of “decisive moment”.


4. 9 30. 9. 2015

Exhibition from the cycle “Documentary Photography”.

Works by photo-journalist since the establishment of regional editors MF Dnes to the present.


3. 7 31. 8. 2015

Exhibition from the cycle “Foreign photographs”.

Art Photography of Dutch author living in Brittany.


24. 4 30. 6. 2015

Exhibition from the cycle “Personalities”.

Gabina, one of the most famous Czech photographers, present her work over the past 25 years.


20. 3 21. 4. 2015

Exhibition from the cycle “Regional authors”.

A graduate of FAMU from Carlsbad based in Prague, will present her latest work.


6. 2 17. 3. 2015

Exhibition from the cycle “Projects”.

Informal group of photographers, mostly graduates of the Photo Institute Opava and FAMU in Prague, who for several years encounter in Palič, to create here a distinctive collection on the topic. 

KontAKTfoto 2014

9. 1 3. 2. 2015

Exhibition from the cycle “projects and workshops.”

The exhibition of the 19th annual photographic workshop of portrait and nude with international participation under the guidance of czech photographer Gabina Fárová.

The opening will be held January 9, 2015 from 18 p.m. 

Four after school

5. 12 31. 12. 2014

Exhibition from the cycle “Photographic schools of Europe”.


Exhibition of teachers of photography in SSUPŠ Zámeček in Plzeň.