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Anna Lara Feldeková

Anna Lara Feldeková
Místo narození: 
*1976 Bratislava

*1976 Bratislava


2003 Master´s degree FAMU

As photographer and publicist cooperate with many magazines and papers in Czech Republic and Slovakia (Život, Domino forum, Sme, Miau, Marianne, Instinkt)

and with publishing house Columbus and Metafora.

She attends to  nude photography and portraits

Personal exhibitions

2009 - Nudes, Embassy of Czech Republic, Mexico City, Mexico

2008 - Nudes, Jardin Borda, Cuernavaca, Mexiko

2005 - He and she, Gallery Art Factory, Prague

2001 - Nudes, Galerie Perugia, Bratislava

2001 - Woman and cat, French Institut, Prague