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Evžen Sobek

Evžen Sobek - Ze serie Life in Blue
Místo narození: 
*1967 Brno
Výstavy v G4 a další výstavy: 

Evžen Sobek (*1967), Brno - CZ.

Has finished studies on FS VUT in Brno (1991) and Institution of creative photography of Silesia university in Opava (2000). He teaches at his own school of photography and he is also doing photography on demand. Material Gypsies in city of Brno gave an impulse for cycle about human identity called Ecce Homo (2001). At the beginning of his independent career, he is given an award of Mio Photo (2000), further helping in his work. With optical ciseling, but not with factographical modifications, he’s strenghtening the culture of his pictures, ranging from black and white to lush colors in his unfinished collections Hidden Landscapes and Life in Blue.