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Janna Riabowa

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Výstavy v G4 a další výstavy: 
Rebus - Janna Riabowa
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Journeys - Janna Riabowa a Ulrich Schiller
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"on second view"

Janna Riabowa-Leitl

Tatjana de Luxe /Janna Riabowa/ was born in Lithuania.

In 1977 she went to West-Germany.

She is working conceptually with site-specific Installation Art using Modern Media as video as well as video, photography, painting, drawing and objects.

On residencies she had been to England, Ireland, Greece, Maroc, Spain, Czech Republik and Russia.

Several works she has done for the public space.

Tatjana de Luxe has founded and is running the Bananapark Gallerie  organizing art projects and exhibitions in Germany and abroad.

She recieved grants from the bavarian art fund.

Cultural Award of Dr. F. and A. Ritter Foundation  2011