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Jiří Černý

Jiří Černý
22. 1. 1959
Místo narození: 
Planá u Mariánských Lázní

has been engaged in creative production since 70s, his first oil-paintings are from 1983. Before 1989 belonged amongst youngest members of the Artist club in Cheb and is one of the few members, who still creates. Before 1989 he also established „Jiří Studio“ aimed at  painting, design, graphics and intensively at photography. Since Gallery 4 was opened, he has been regularly joining workshops organized by G4 (for example: The School of Seeing, international workshops of dokumentary photography, painting or sculpture) and many other all over the Czech Republic and abroad. In the late 90s he starts creating sculptures, first from stone, later even from wood and bronze. He tries both – small sculptures or huge statues. His creation is influenced by two main themes: woman and landscape.He lives and works in Cheb.