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F.Sgroi - Dures 1
F. Sgroi - Tirana
F. Sgroi - Tirana
J.Benzenberg - Důl na chrom
J.Benzenberg - Děti žijící na ropných polích
J.Benzenberg - Albánský hotel mezi Fierem a Beratem
27. 4. 2012 - 26. 5. 2012
Fabio Sgroi
Jutta Benzenberg

Contemporary Albania with the lens of german photographer and an italian photographer.. 

The project of the Italian photographer Fabio Sgroi describes a continuous change in the Balkans in recent years, the state of the region during the transition to democracy. His photographs were created in the cities of Durres and Albania in 2011.

In contrast, Jutta Benzenberg takes photographs for political changes, portraits and landscapes in Albania since 1991. She has published three books on the Balkans (Albanian Survival, Somber Beauty, Ahead With The Past) and she is working on various photographic projects in the Balkans, her current project is about veterans of the Balkan wars.