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Anna, Eva, Luděk, Luděk Vystydovi - paintings, drawings, posters, interiers, architecture, urbanism

Návrh interiéru - Luděk Vystyd ml
Loděnice - ing. Arch. Luděk Vystyd
Špicberky - Anna Vystydová
Kašna FIJO
2. 5. 2009 - 14. 6. 2009
Anna Vystydová
Luděk Vystyd ml.

Exhibition hall Bartolomeus, Křižovnická street, Cheb

Look at the creations of all the generations of a family of artists, traditionally joint with Cheb. The exhibition was organised in cooperation with Community of ancient Cheb’s friends and conpany Bogemia Lignum Cheb.

Anna Vystydová, born Řepková, absolver of Decorative arts school in Uherské Hradiště (former arts school in Zlín), where she was a student of sculptor Luděk Havelka and painter Vladimír Hroch. She lives in Cheb since 1962. More than twenty years, she was a teacher in Community school of arts in Cheb. She is also the author of well known Christmas postcards from Cheb. The works presented in this exhibition are from the past years along with a few older ones with similar theme.

Ing. arch. Luděk Vystyd (*1936) after studying wood-modelling, he had absolved shaping of new matters at Decorative arts school in Uherské Hradiště and architecture and construction faculty of High technical education institute in Brno. He had lead department of regional planning of ONV in Cheb since 1962. In 1968 to 1975, he had worked in Stavoprojekt in Mariánské Lázně. Since 1975, he had been projecting in the atelier of National institute for reconstruction of historical cities and objects of Prague in Cheb. Since 1992, he’s working in an independent architecture atelier in Cheb. In years 1996 to 2008, he was the organiser and one of the sponsors for the Chebské varhanní léto (Organ summer of Cheb) cycle of concerts. His urbanistic, architectonic and interior works were shown in this exhibition.

Luděk Vystyd (*1962) trained as a agriculture vehicle mechanic, he had absolved High practical school in Sušice. He was a visitor of Decorative arts school in Uherské Hradiště. Since 1991, he has his own atelier of design in Cheb. He had started with advertisment and propagation and now he designs and arranges iteriors of flats, houses, restaurants, stores and also designs villas, spa pensions and hotels. His drawings were on display.

Eva Vystydová (*1994) finishes elementary school this year. She presented her works in preparation for studying on High school of decorative arts “Zámeček”, where she is going to study sculpture.