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Froukje Van Houten
Froukje Van Houten
3. 7. 2015 - 31. 8. 2015
Froukje Van Houten

Exhibition from the cycle “Foreign photographs”.

Art Photography of Dutch author living in Brittany.


Beginning of Land” is a project about the relationship between humans and nature.

In Brittany, Finistère, where I live, I am surrounded by the ocean and the enormous amount of beaches, where being completely alone is still a real possibility.

It is obvious that such an untouched surrounding influences me. Since I live there an awareness of the mystical power of nature influences my way of seeing. 

The photos were shot just above the edge of sea and land. You look over my shoulder and it is like you fly high above the earth with me. In the beginning you don’t really know where you look at, an admiration of form comes before understanding of content.

I explore answers and questions of the essential nature of life in the way of ”landscape “photos.