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Claude Berlie-Caillat - Art of Fire

Claude Berlie-Caillat - Rovnováha
Claude Berlie-Caillat - Planete
Claude Berlie-Caillat - Planete
Claude Berlie-Caillat - portrét
20. 6. 2009 - 31. 7. 2009

Exhibition hall Bartolomeus, Křižovnická street, Cheb

Claude Berlie-Caillat has introduced his unique objects made of volcanic basalt - ancient material that the artist is so fascinated with. This “earthly matter” is put together mostly with email and glass, the artist uses also ceramic clay, wood, iron, metal, golden paint and other. On the exhibition in Cheb, you might have seen solitaires and triptychs from the Balance series, Capsule of life, Lines of life, the Window, the Molecule, the Change, the Mask, the Woman, the Planet, the Moon, the Volcano, the Beast. All are big-volume objects with dimensions of 70×40×10, 50×40×3 cm and the like.