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Common Land

7. 11. 2008 - 30. 11. 2008
Tomáš Pospěch

Contemporary work of an important czech photographer.

Common Land - includes three collections from the long-term project Common Land, in which Tomáš Pospěch searches for different angles on landcape genre.

Collection “Castle owners (2004 - 2005)” is exploring the special czech fenomenom - the creation of garden models of existing and imaginary castles and chateaux and its usage as an aesthetic accent of a garden, village square or a train station. He watches the relation of these models to their creators and to the original counterparts: celebrating patriotic publications about czech castles and chateaux.

Krajinky.jpg (2002 - 2005)” makes landscapes closer, created as artificial images. These exist on the internet in a form of computer games and express shared notion what is the “landscape”. Twenty-five contact black-and-white photographies of 12×16 or 12×24 cm format points to traditional landscape photography (Sudek, Reich), with the use of traditional processes and adjustments used by these classics.

How to describe the latest project “Meaningless journey (2004 - 2008)? Edge of the village. Men in the sunday landscape, not the ball. Calm, waiting, broad-angle objective. This project is dedicated to all grass lovers, lovers of fallen leaves and lovers of czech village.