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Exhibition from "Landscape borderless exhibition - Cheb-Marktredwitz"

24. 5. 2006 - 24. 9. 2006

Exhibitory area

Czech photography - exhibition of large-scale (4×5 m) photographies of nineteen main Czech photographers (wall fortifications).

Object for fun - Pavel Cupák - collection of ten wooden plastics, intended for children (castle moat near Hradební street)

Wooden and stone objects - Václav Fiala - three stone and five wooden objects of the winner of a sculpture contest in Sydney (Australia) from 2005 (fields)

Surface with water lilies - Thomas May (Nürnberg, Germany) - installation of water lily blossoms two meters above the level of castle moat.


Monastic grange

A 69 Remixes - Redčenkov, Tomášek, Wertig - original models of realizations and studies of a group of architects from Františkovy Lázně, working in Prague, when the exhibition visitor becomes a part of these models

Landscapes on the edge - students of FAMU Prague, exhibition from the book that was created as a part of two-year project of photographic department of Film and television faculty, in which students mapped border regions of the whole Czech Republic.

Memory of the landscape - landscape of memory - twenty Czech and German artists (24. 5 - 26. 6.), collective exhibition of Czech and German painters, photographers and sculptors, inspired by the border regions of the two countries; exhibition was also a part of long-term project of Artists’ association of Carlsbad “Right for the landscape”


Cheb castle

Jaroslav Róna - Sculptures - twenty plastics, mostly bronze, of a main Czech artist


Franciscan church

Miroslav Mráka - Photographies 2005 - 2006 - exhibition of photographic pairs from before the exhibition and after the finished exhibition area


Monastic gardens

Josef Anderle - Sculptures - eight granite plastics of southern-czech sculptor, including two moving reces, that the visitor could manipulate to create a new object

Cross-gallery of Franciscan cloister

Miroslav Svoboda - Tribute to the Franciscans - exhibition of ceramic objects of artist from Cheb