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K.O.K.F.O.T. 2014

K.arolina Rusňáková, "Životní role" (z cyklu ”Neviditelnost viditelných věcí“)
O.la (Aleksandra) Chytra, "Mezi třetí a čtvrtou ranní
K.lára Vomelová, "Třeba Ti pomůže, když budeš šeptat" (z cyklu ” Hrobové ticho“)
F.ilip Rojík, “Entr'acte” (z cyklu “ Neviditelnost viditelných věcí ”), 2014
O.ndřej Kalmán, "Útěk II" (z cyklu ”To se nám jen zdá…”), 2013
O.ndřej Kalmán, "Útěk II" (z cyklu ”To se nám jen zdá…”), 2013
10. 10. 2014 - 1. 11. 2014

Exhibition from the cycle “Photographic groups”.

Exhibition of photographers group, which first presented the outstanding installation on a festival of art projects Cheb Backyards 2013.

Members of the group: K.arolina Rusňáková, O.la Chytra, K.lára Vomelová, F.ilip Rojík, O.ndřej Kalmán, T.ereza Kožíšková

The photographic group K.O.K.F.O.T. was established in May 2013. One of the reasons for its creation was the joint participation at the 11th Regional festival of art projects with international participation Cheb backyards 2013. But the main motive was to create together.
The group name is derived from the first names of members: K.arolína, O.la, K.lára, F.ilip, O.ndřej and T.ereza. The group consists of two former teachers and four former students of the Secondary School for ceramic and glass in Karlovy Vary. Although members of this group most of the time scattered throughout the Czech Republic and sometimes around the world, so these six very different people trying to certain conception of a common goal.
Topics exhibitions arise spontaneously from their experiences and conversations that often borders on the absurd and that one has for all members of a specific meaning.
Exhibition at Gallery 4 “K.O.K.F.O.T. 2014 ‘is the third joint exhibition, which contains photo of three joint projects: “It just seems to us” (Cheb Backyards 2013), “Deathly silence” (Cheb Backyards 2014) and “The invisibility of visible things” (Galerie 4, 2014). Each of these three themes is determined by a common idea, which can be read on several levels, but it is conceived by each of the authors in a completely different way and leaves enough space for interpretation. “It just seems to us” was the first project group K.O.K.F.O.T. It was a combination of dreams, nightmares and follies of each of the creators. “Deathly silence” gave the authors the opportunity to penetrate into the heart of their souls, where reality changes in feelings and images that can be seen only in absolute silence … “Invisibility of visible things” is the latest project of the group, prepared for an exhibition in the Gallery 4. In sphere of the mysterious worlds we get through photographic experiments and illusions, but also through documentary approach to reality, but in conjunction with the topic becomes more and often absurd meanings.