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Lubo Stacho, Fotomonotypia ROZPLÝVANIE, pol. 90. let
Lubo Stacho, Kapesníčky, 1998-99
Lubo Stacho, Nadviazanie spojenia s Marcelom, okolo 1995
Lubo Stacho, New spirit, 1993
Lubo Stacho, Pocta Duane Michalsovi 1993
Lubo Stacho, z cyklu Jablčka, okolo1995
4. 7. 2014 - 30. 8. 2014
Ľubo Stacho

Exhibition from the cycle “Slovak photography”

Works of significant Slovak photographer and university teacher who has achieved of important anniversary last year.

In the period after 1990 Ľubo Stacho deploying experimented with emulsions and discovered the unique author’s technique - fotomonotype. It is close to the graphical technique - monotype, but where is the traditional matrix wet photography. Violation of emulsion analogue photography arise on canvas prints - the destroyed fragments of the original image. Stacho creates a specific type of intermediate image between photos and graphics. His ideological ambition is the evocation of transmission and transformation of energy as the new artistic message. Ideological and iconic based on the biblical theme and legacy of St. Veronica’s veil. There’s also present conceptual dimension analyzes the medium of photography as capturing light and spiritual energy. The uniqueness of these works lies in the ambivalence and which, in itself encode - the revival of petrified photographic reality and its metamorphosed into a new, timeless quality of testimony.
St. Veronica’s gesture is perceived as an expression of compassion and courage, the photographer gesture is a gesture of transformation and elevation of the arts. It is a process of real image to the time and memory encoding form that evokes the look but the weakening and atrophy of the image.

Stacho enriched medium of photography (a parallel graphics and three-dimensional media) as if the third dimension - the transfer and transformation of energy, evoking the passage of time and fading memory. Today it is possible to state that also fulfilled its permanent creative ambition - show energy transfer and bridge the temporal and spatial aspects of the photo. Made it possible conceptual principle of appropriation, originality method disembodied image of a sensitive treatment of the theme of time and sublimed memory.
Alena Vrbanová, May 2014