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Nizhny Tagil - Cheb

Jan Schýbal
David Kurc
5. 12. 2008 - 31. 12. 2008

Results of Czech - Russian photographic workshop 2006 - 2007

Many years ago, only the official delegations (based on building society agreement) exchanges were held between the cities of Cheb and Nighny Tagil. After 1989 the existing agreement was not canceled as it had happened in most of the other czech towns, but it took a very diferent concept. Next to the official delegations, circumstances for another exchanges started to emerge for sportsmen, handicaped citizens and artists.

Gallery 4 - gallery of photography, p. o. of Carlsbad region prepared a photographic workshop called “Město, vesnice, krajina, lidé” (“City, village, landscape, people”), that took place in 2006 in Cheb region and in 2007 in Nizhny Tagil region (southern Ural). 10 authors from each country participated in the event. An interesting document was created, mapping the differences between the two regions. Some of the photographies surprise with its raw material and others with its strong story.

The collection consists of roughly 200 color and black-and-white photographies and is divided on artistic and documentary photography. The premiere of the exhibition was held in August in Museum of Modern Art in Nighny Tagil.