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Hana Fischerová, Poutník v krajině, 2011
Miro Švolík, Vesnice v pohraničí, 2010
Jarslav Vraj, Vesnice v pohraničí, 2010
Jan Schýbal, Paličatý diptych, 2014
6. 2. 2015 - 17. 3. 2015

Exhibition from the cycle “Projects”.

Informal group of photographers, mostly graduates of the Photo Institute Opava and FAMU in Prague, who for several years encounter in Palič, to create here a distinctive collection on the topic. 

   Many reasons lead photographers around the G4 to meet each others and create together. One of the group members suggest to make workshops on her brothers homestead in Palič where the genius loci not only inspires artists. First workshop took place in 2010 and it was just a meeting of chattering on various topics. It had the name the Border Village and it was made in a spirit of documentary workshop. During this first year, Paličatí made the acquaince with local residents, local pub visitors, and since then the exhibit every year exhibiting theirs photos from the last year at the pubs backyard. Residents from Palič are always cordially invited and can take home any photo, as thanks for their patience and forbearance, if happened to them that an enthusiastic photographer “fits” into their kitchen.

    Another rule is to name the guarantor of the workshop every year, which “leads” and comes with the theme. This fact is important not only because Paličatí look forward to get new ideas, but also because they do not want to stunt and everyone must participate actively. Each year, in the same place at the same time with a new idea:

2010 - BORDER VILLAGE - Documentary Photography


2012 - LOST IN THE COUNTRY - Alice Šmídová

2013 - THE MEMORY OF PLACES, PLACES OF MEMORY - Jan Schýbal and Silvie Křížková

2014 - RETURNS - Jolana Moravcová (meaning a return to classic photo)