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Photography "950 years"

14. 5. 2010
Miro Švolík

Link for the photos.

Gallery 4 was asked for active participation on the preparation for celebrations of 950 years of the first historical reference of Cheb by the city council. One of the events that the Gallery 4 organised, was a collective photography of 950 citizens in 2010 - the citizens formed 15 meters wide numeral of 950, taken from above and another one in Krajinka. Both photographs were taken by famous photographer Miro Švolík, who is famous for his bird’s perspective pictures. Photographies will be used for 2011 propagation of this important jubileé.

The first photography, taken from above on the Square of King George from Poděbrady, was submitted for Czech book of records that is released annually by Dobrý den agency from Pelhřimov.

Inspection from Dobrý den agency confirmed the record and the city received a certificate, stating the inclusion of the record in the book of records.

Very complicated organisation of this event included preparation several months ahead - mainly in registering the 950 citizens, construction of numerals deformed by perspective, supporting 30 meters high fire brigade platform, cooperation with police, ambulance and organisers.

By the end of the year 2010 an exhibition of photographies documenting the preparations and the final event took place.