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Prague - City of comebacks

PVM - Richard Homola - 2006
Divoká Šárka - Karel Kuklík - 1998
Hlávkův most - Richard Homola - 2007
Divoká Šárka - Karel Kuklík - 1997
Karlův most - Richard Homola - 2007
Divoká Šárka - Karel Kuklík - 2000
Libeňský most - Richard Homola - 2006
Zahrada Břevnovského kláštera - Karel Kuklík - 2000
3. 4. 2009 - 9. 5. 2009
Karel Kuklík
Richard Homola

Two famous photographers introduce their photographical collections of nature and bridges of Prague.

Karel Kuklík - Nature of Prague (Prague´s Lord Mayors Grant 1997)  

K.K. got the grant on the basis of his portfolio from Grébovka Park, which was sent up to Czech Press Photo 97. He decided to observe how the recent Prague treats with its inner verdure and how it treats with the outer verdure according to contemporary expansion inside the surrounding countryside. The result of K.K. work is a remarkable collection of excellent contact images noting the nature of today´s Prague and its co-existence but also a hard fight with expanding big city. This collection was exhibited only once in Chamber gallery of Josef Sudek House of Photography in Prague November 1998 - January 1999. The photos are enlargements 30x40 cm from negative 9,12 cm.

Richard Homola - Prague´s bridges over the Vltava river

It goes about compiling a theme, that was not yet accented independently by photographers. R. H. tries to capture the bridges over Vltava in their architectural variety, urban context, style and to reach an interesting visual image. The main part of this collection has been developing between 2006-2008 and is occasionally still complemented. The collection has never been yet exhibited and first exhibition will be opened on 1 March 2009 in Henry´s Tower in Prague and next in Gallery 4 in Cheb.