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Gallery 4 - Gallery of Photography

Založení Galerie 4 v Chebu
Gallery 4 - Gallery of Photography
Gallery 4 - Gallery of Photography
Gallery 4 - Gallery of Photography
Budova Art Centra Galerie 4
Klub G4

Gallery 4 - gallery of photography, the allowance organisation of Karlovy Vary region, Františkánské náměstí 30/1, 350 02 Cheb

Tel.: +420 354 422 838, 736 514 083

Email: galerie4@galerie4.cz

Open: Thursday-Sunday 10:00-17:00 (until 18:00 visitor see exhibitions)


Gallery 4 - gallery of photography, the allowance organisation of Karlovy Vary region was found by Regional culture center in 1985 at Kamenná street in historical center of Cheb. Today, the gallery is the oldest still running gallery of photography in Czech republic. Four exhibition rooms were created by the reconstruction of a neglected arcade. In 2015 the gallery moved to modified facilities Baroque granary at Františkánské náměstí 30/1 in Cheb, which still resides. This was preceded by extensive reconstruction, financed by the Karlovy Vary region. The former granary now used as Art Centre Gallery 4. Build is cultural heritage in the old town of Cheb. Greater spatial background gallery enables the implementation of multiple exhibitions at the same time, organizing club events in the gallery café and implementation of workshops for all ages.


Gallery operates with installation system Nielsen and the lightning is provided by Led reflectors Guzzini. The gallery can be broken using the variable exhibition panels , and thus achieve the necessary atmosphere and exhibition space . The exhibition area now allows the presentation of traditional and modern creative new approaches.

Professional activity

At the present moment, Gallery 4 focuses mainly on four activities: exhibitions, non-exhibitions, acquiring collections and methodical activities. Exhibitions doesn’t limit only for the given space of the gallery - many of the exhibitions are held in foreign as well as other Czech galleries. Non-exhibitory activities include organising socio-cultural events for professionals as well as for the broad public, youth and children. Acquiring collections is mainly for a study and documentary purpose. In latest years, the collection is focused on Czech and foreign authors after the 1950s. Methodical activities run in two directions: towards the broad and professional public in theoretical level (publishing, library, archive, seminars, lectures) and practical (workshops, symposia).

Most successful projects:

1985-1991Colorful summer

Workshop for young photographers, artists and actors

1985-1991 „School of Seeing”

Workshop for artists and photographers

1988-1992 International workshop of documentary photography

(Aš, Luby, Mariánské Lázně, Františkovy Lázně, Cheb)

1993-1996 „Unclear Family”

Crook (GB), Luby u Chebu, Amiens (F), Essen-Borbeck (G)

1993-1996 “Photodiagonal”

(Munich, Cheb, Edinburgh, Palermo)

1996-present KontAKTfoto

2000-2001 „Now and Here”

Czech-German project of documentary photography

2003-present Backyards of Cheb

2000-2005 „New Media”

International presentation of computerart

2005 - „Street Eye”

Project focused on „children of street”, organised in cooperation with social department of city council of Cheb and included in the criminality prevention program of Department of interior of Czech republic

2005-2011 Cheb’s niches

Project’s goal was to fill the empty niches and cartouches in historical reservation of Cheb with works of contemporary artists.

2006-2007 „City, Village, Landscape, People”

Czech-Russian project of Gallery 4 and arts faculty of National pedagogic institute  of Nizhny Tagil

2010-2011 „End of the Earth… Finistere…”

Third Czech-French project

2014-2015 Art Centre Gallery 4

Reconstruction of Baroque granary and conversion for the gallery.