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Karel Tůma

Z cyklu Bleší trhy na Kolbence z projektu Bleší trhy v Praze
Místo narození: 
1975 Praha
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Karel Tůma (*1975), Praha - CZ.

Life is lived and lost on streets (1996 - 97) is his first collection - pictures of Prague’s homeless and narcomans. He’s been visiting gypsy camps in eastern Slovakia over five years and after finishing FAMU (2005) he works as a teacher at Institute of communication studies FSV UK (since 2006). After eight years of freedom and Prague on Prague discovers city’s subcultures. In magazines he publishes Night at the edge of Prague - service topless among others. On the run, he fills up the cycles such as Amsterdam, Upper Silesia, We all are pilgrims, Punk zoona, Masopusty (Carnivals), Young alternative. He portraits Czech authors and philosophers. For new inspiration, he travels to muslim countries. Making use of his experiences with oriental bazaars, he creates a collection of photographies called Flea market at Kolbenka.