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6. 11. 2009 - 30. 11. 2009
Fedor Telkov

A view of a young Russian photographer on the life in the industrial region of southern Ural.

Author: “Often when I walk on a street, I look into the windows of passing houses. It is very interesting, but also embarassing for you and the people behind the window. Who would like his private and intimate life to be closely observerved? What can we see in these windows? Parts of rooms and if we’re lucky, even their inhabitors, busy with their everyday’s matters. You have no clue what happened before or what is going to happen in following moments - how would the situation inside evolve. You see only the images and episodes from strangers’ life from various social classes, groups and professions. This series is a window to another world about which we may only hardly know something. But you have a chance to capture a moment from distance, from the street that you walk with your matters, only passing by.”