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La dame aux boules
Women 3
28. 5. 2010 - 26. 6. 2010
Gilles Plazy

Photographies, paintings and drawings of French theorist and practitioner of arts.

It is very broad theme, that is between the ideal and reality, included in literature, paintings and photography. It is in all three disciplines of arts that I pursue.

I’ve prepared an exhibition from the collection of photographies, that depicts women. From one point, it’s photos of statues from museums and photos from movies on the internet from another.

On the one side, these are the marble nudes whose voluptousity the academician hadn’t hid that well. The other side is the cheap digital pornography and it’s huge machinery for the man’s pleasure that looses the women’s fragility and softness. All depends on the point of view that we look on the one or the other side of these pictures.

I do not depict women real or fictional on the paintings, I prefer to concentrate on abstract art. I like to place words instead of pictures on the paper or canvas, words that ritually invoke: ‘women’, most of the time accompanied with another words. Because the word can be as strong as a picture. And with that in mind, I connect painting, drawing and photography.

My original direction was writing. Writing of poetry. That is why this connection was necessary in this theme.”

Gilles Plazy