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How people were having fun

Jindřich Eckert, Praha, Sledovaní milenci, asi 1879, polovina stereofotografie.
Wilhelm Hornung, Tübingen, hraní karet s kostlivcem, kolem 1880, vizitka.
Sophus Williams, Berlin, děti si hrají na slepou bábu, 1882, polovina kolorované stereofotografie.
Rudolf Bruner-Dvořák, muž v sokolském úboru se občerstvuje, kopie z negativu 18 x 13 cm.
Anonym, dámská skupinová jízda na saních, 1910, formát kabinetky.
Anonym, Inscenace jízdy autem s dámou, kolem 1905, kopie z negativu 18 x 13 cm.
7. 11. 2014 - 2. 12. 2014
Pavel Scheufler

Exhibition from the cycle „Historical photography”.

Pictures from 1860 to 1914.
Exhibition in celebration of 175 years of photography.

    Exhibition How people were having fun presents all the essential photographically noticeable ways of spending free time in the first 75 years of photography. From the point of  history of photographic medium is interesting to watch how the progress of photographic techniques let grow the opportunities to capture of dont-arrange current situations and how the picture was already able to penetrate privacy, including the most intimate spheres.

For many people already the visit of the photographer self was a kind of entertainment, the release of the everyday rhythm. Due to the low sensitivity of photographic materials is photography from the late 19th century mostly arranged and immediate capture of natural movements was rare. The arrangement, which is acquired in the first four decades of photographs mainly in studios, has often applied contemporary sense of humor which had often different position than today.